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Our Benefits

Keep Growing With The Company 
Learning and Development Support - You can benefit from online training and resources, job-related subscriptions, seminars, and conferences. The company can also offer corporate subscriptions to e-learning platforms such as LinkedIn Learning and QuickHelp. 
Work Smart And Effectively
Flexible Schedule – We understand the world is changing and your work-life balance as well. We continue to offer flexible schedule options for our global employees, in accordance with local policies and in agreement with the direct manager. 
Shared Ownership Program
We enable you to exchange a portion of your bonus/commission for Restricted Stock Units (RSUs).
Focus On Your Wellbeing 

Sabbatical – Enjoy the time and space to explore and learn away from work for up to 3 weeks, after 4 years of continuous employment with the company. 

Extra Days Off for Volunteering for Social Causes - You can benefit annually from 2 paid days off for carrying out volunteer activities. 

Diversity and Inclusion  ​​​​​​​

The importance of DEI to Sustainalytics is given by the need for a deeper understanding of who works for us and the needs of employees, therefore we have tailored programs and policies created to make our company a better place to work. 

We are present in 17 global offices and our teams are multinational and diverse, with a strong collaboration sometimes from multiple locations around the globe. 

We also have a strong representation of women in leadership and our total gender composition as a company is 54% women. 

Supportive Environment & Great People ​​​​​​​

As our new colleague, we are offering you all the support you need to make you feel more welcomed through our global buddy program to help you with your first steps in Sustainalytics.  

We work hard, we celebrate, and we volunteer together. We are a community of like-minded individuals driven by the same passion to make the world a better place.  

Other benefits depending on the country
*The benefits listed above are global and are completed by the ones received based on your location.

Meet Our Colleagues

The culture is transparent and open to people who want to make a difference in the company.  Your ideas are not shot down but encouraged to succeed. I was able to take initiative and develop processes that would enhance the efficiency of my team and make a difference. Hard work pays off!


Senior Associate, Sustainable Finance Solutions (I love to read, have dinner with friends, do Yoga, and meditate.) 

I find that I have met so many different people across the globe and enjoy working with different cultures and mindsets.

Sustainalytics gives me the opportunity to maintain my independence while still being a part of a supportive team. I enjoy the hands-off approach that is followed here and the way I am encouraged to take on more responsibility. I am constantly challenged to learn and develop my skills, but I am allowed to do so at a pace that best suits me. My work here motivates me to continue to grow and learn and fulfill my personal career ambitions alongside the company’s goals.  
Senior Associate, Sustainable Finance Solutions Projects (In my free time I enjoy reading, and recently finished a book based on the role of women in the independence struggle of my country. Over the weekends I volunteer at an NGO where I mentor underprivileged children in Mumbai slums. I also have a deep interest in numerology and tarot reading and try to pursue those when time permits.) 
Sustainalytics places a great deal of emphasis on intellectual rigor. Be prepared to work with lots of exceptionally bright individuals who are motivated and enthusiastic about their work. Sustainalytics' culture can be summed up as friendly, open, and energetic. There is a feeling of genuine goodwill among colleagues as we work with team members based around the world. After a series of roles that felt very much like 'jobs' (as opposed to anything vocational or meaningful), I've landed at a company in which my values, interests, and skill set are aligned.
Senior Communications Manager, Corporate Manager (Beyond spending time with my family, I enjoy hiking, reading, watching films, and gardening.)
The environment here in Sustainalytics is extremely healthy. Furthermore, all the work ethics are properly followed. Having access to both various technology but also to the educational stipend which the company provides, helps me get a versatile experience. Taking all of this into consideration, I consider working here very positive. 

Software Engineer, Digital Products (I love to learn various technologies and languages. Overall, I always find out things that have some learning factor in them. In my free time, I love to practice some classical dance forms like Bharatnatyam. Furthermore, cooking also excites me a lot.) 
We have a diverse passionate workplace, where we encourage others to bring their uniqueness and talent. I appreciate the resources that the company invests back in us, specifically for our learning and development. We have 2 days we can dedicate to learning purposes, and we have a budget we can use for our professional development. This is something that is very important for me - to feel I keep learning and growing in my workplace. 

Corporate Solutions Senior Analyst (I'm also part of our LGBTQ employees and allies group - SusOut. Other than that, I love singing and still hope to form a Sustainalytics band ;-)